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Wrox Early Adopter Series Becomes Wrox Blox

Before the fall of Wrox back in 2002, an erstwhile attempt was made to produce monthly books on new cutting edge topics. Java Server Faces, Hailstorm, XQuery and more were all covered in hastily put together 200 page tomes. It being 2002 though, the number of topics you could write a book on were limited and the EA series became the Handbook series before Wrox fell into liquidation.

With a new owner, it looks like Wrox v2 are taking another crack at the early adopter series but in a more sensible form. From Jim Minatel [http://wroxblog.typepad.com/minatel/2007/10/wrox-blox-launc.html],

Wrox Blox are short, electronic-only, downloadable, and typically going to be on hot cutting edge topics. For short, these first few range from about 20-40 pages. Electronic only and downloadable: they’re PDFs available from Wrox.com.

And, here’s something I think you’ll find cool: they’re DRM free. If you’re paying $3.99 (US - which is the introductory price for these) that’s low enough that we don’t want to hassle readers with DRM.

The launch Blox are:

And new ones are due approximately every week. I almost really like this approach. it’s a median between ASPToday’s daily free (when I was there) content and the untenable EA concept.

Posted on October 9, 2007   #Geek Stuff     #Writing  

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