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Waiting for Whidbey

It’s alternately fantastic and frustrating to be working with .NET 2.0 at the moment. Waiting for the actual final version of VS2005 on Nov 7 - grr. We’ve decided at work that dotCoop will be switching to a .NET 2.0  full test-driven development rewrite which is great. Full VSTSset-up and let’s see if we can get it all working in a more integrated way than our current five-random-dev-programs-that-we-only-join-using-Windows-Explorer style of setup. This is great except it’s not out yet, there are notable changes over beta 2 which we are still using and TFS isn’t out until January 2006. I want to get on with it please!!!

Posted on October 16, 2005   #Geek Stuff  

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