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Volcano Heights

Jane felt ill so she stayed at the hotel while I went down the Ala Moana canal and up to the top of Diamond Head volcano. Really felt like a good walk even though it was probably only ten or eleven miles long. Such an amazing view from up there. Walked back to Waikiki, saw the sunset over the beach and found a freshly-baked ‘veggie’ pizza. ‘Twas comical to see the cook read our order and get all huffy, try and locate the ingredients for a veggie pizza while slinking about the kitchen in the way that only huffy teenagers can do and then announce our order while saying the word veggie in a way that said ‘loser. I have to make this for you? Why can’t you order Pepperoni like regular people?’

CNN continues to report that the average cost of fuel is now at its highest ever. It’s $2.20 per gallon. Oh the calamity. Is that all? Try England – it’s $7.50.

Posted on April 10, 2005   #Nothing in Particular  

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