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Undersea adventure, dry land rip offs

Breakfast on the terrace again and then a trip out to see some of the boat wrecks and artificial reefs just off the coast in a submarine. Aquariums are great but this is just something else and the clarity of the water round here just makes this particular excursion something else. The fishes are wonderful to watch, the plane and shipwrecks are great, and a sea turtle ‘waved’ at me too. Nice. And despite being the only English speakers in the sub, the sixty-odd Japanese tourists had to wear the headphones for the taped commentary in their language. I’m guessing here, but this could have been to distract them all from the fact that our sub captain was very obviously being given a driving test.

Next to Maui Divers Jewellery factory. It’s interesting to see how coral is farmed and made into jewellery and funny to see how bland it becomes once set in a frame. Could black coral jewellery be anti-bling? For the amount they charge, it must be close.

Back to hotel for spot of lunch and first session on the beach. Towels are complimentary but parasols are $26 for the day. Ouch. Next time, I’ll bring my own. It’ll cost less in excess baggage.

Posted on April 7, 2005   #Nothing in Particular  

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