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Two new ASP.NET Jobs in Seattle

Scott Hunter [http://blogs.msdn.com/scothu/archive/2009/11/23/program-manager-position-on-the-asp-net-pm-team.aspx] has announced a newly vacant Program Manager position [https://careers.microsoft.com/JobDetails.aspx?ss=&pg=0&so=&rw=1&jid=9482&jlang=EN] on the ASP.NET team for anyone who would be willingly based in Seattle.

We are looking for someone that is interested in driving the data strategy on our team which includes partnering with LINQ and SQL teams, is into web standards around HTML, CSS and JavaScript and making ASP.NET work better with these standards and much much more. Please check out the listing if you are interested.

Scott Hanselman also tweeted about a vacancy for a developer [https://careers.microsoft.com/JobDetails.aspx?ss=&pg=0&so=&rw=1&jid=9434&jlang=EN] to work on their new Orchard open source project. Less info here – adherence to agile methodologies, web standards, are key with MVC, Jquery and AJAX a plus.

Good luck if you decide to go for them.

Posted on November 24, 2009   #Megaphone     #ASP.NET  

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