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Third Degree (Sun)Burn

Final day in Sri Lanka. Heat blisters now cover both shoulders in twisted impression of puffy yellow epaulettes. Now heat blisters only really hurt if you rub them, so shirt wearing is a torture in itself. I shall wear factor fifty sun cream next time if it helps. Taxi back to airport charges 700 more rupees than on the way from it. Decide this is danger money for passing through the army checkpoints in front of the airport. All cars are forced to stop within 20 feet of a bloody great gatling gun aiming straight at them with bloody huge tank-busting bullets at bloody point-blank range. Smell it? I was sitting in it. Army in fact run the airport. My luggage is checked five times with me before take-off. Someone should take note and tell the Americans.

Posted on February 28, 2001   #India  

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