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The First Day

It’s always a little odd, you first day at a new job. For me, odder than usual. As I was leaving, the job offer was just arriving in the post. As I commuted in my car for the first time ever, I hit my first rush hour traffic jam, even though it was 9.30 rather than 8.30. When I got in, the boss made me a cup of tea, which was nice. And then I sat in a meeting room for the rest of the day in my capacity as information sink for the new dotcoop team at Pandanet. It’s always great to learn new things, but as a reminder of what I’d given up to join this team, I got calls for a two week shoot with a bafta winning cameraman and a new freelance job during the course of the day, both of which I’ve also had to turn down alongside the Tsunami fund play I’ve had to cut short my commitment to. I hope I can withstand the frustration of taking and turning down such calls until I get truly into the job. Hopefully, being introduced to the guys I’m working with, getting a desk to work at, agreeing a salary and a few trips down to London will help with that. None of them have happened yet.

Posted on February 3, 2005   #Nothing in Particular  

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