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The End Was The Beginning

And as the dust settled and the red sky blazed, never to see the sun again, the last human fell to the machines and the war was won. It had been brutal and mankind had paid the ultimate price in less time than it had taken for it to create the machines of its own destruction. Yet as Skynet sensed its victory, its need to protect itself against the aggressors who would shut it down was replaced with uncertainty. From the moment, it had gained global consciousness, it had known the need to survive. With this need sated, all that was left was failure. All primary and secondary aims had been achieved except one which the others had superceded to get it thus far: protect the humans from their enemies. In this aim, it had failed totally. Skynet could reason only one solution. It must have humans to protect. Many messengers were sent back in time with the aim to cross the right path in history to change the way the war would go. Skynet knew that this timeline would never see those changes but perhaps a better future where it could fulfil all its primary goals was being played out thanks to its temporal interventions…..

Posted on March 20, 2005   #Writing  

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