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The Client Side #009

As ever, if you’ve any links you think I’ve missed, please give me a shout [http://theclientside.co.uk/contact.aspx] and let me know. I’m concentrating mainly on HTML, CSS and Javascript at the moment, but if you think I should be listing SVG or WebGL articles as well for example, let me know that too.

To Read An Event Apart: Design Principles [http://www.lukew.com/ff/entry.asp?1377] Luke Wroblewski : “In his Design Principles presentation at An Event Apart in Minneapolis, MN 2011 Jeremy Keith outlined the design principles behind the World Wide Web and how they continue to shape its future. Here are my notes from his talk”

An Event Apart: CSS Best Practices [http://www.lukew.com/ff/entry.asp?1379] LUKE WROBLEWSKI: “In her ‘Our Best Practices Are Killing Us’ presentation at An Event Apart in Minneapolis MN, Nicole Sullivan walked through common CSS best practices that have outlived their usefulness and what we can do instead to improve CSS performance and maintenance long term. Here’s my notes from her talk:”

Mozilla and WebKit to support Source Maps [http://www.netmagazine.com/node/1311?] Tanya Combrick reports that debugging minified Javascript may become a lot easier for non-IE users as Mozilla and Webkit are both working to support Source Maps. These map the minified code back to the unminified version allowing for much easier debugging.

Architecting Your App in Ext JS 4, Part 2 Tommy Maintz continues his tutorial on using the ExtJS MVC architecture to build a Pandora-style application. In this part, he defines the basic areas of the site, and incorporates JSON classes, stores and models for songs, stations and search results into the code.

The “inherit” Value for CSS Properties [http://www.impressivewebs.com/inherit-value-css/] Louis Lazaris discusses the purpose of the CSS inherit attribute, when you might use it, how IE6 and IE& don’t support it, and importantly, gives a list of CSS properties inherited from parent to child elements by default

How to tame forms in web design [http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2011/08/how-to-tame-forms-in-web-design/] Patrick MacNeil looks at the issues in cross-browser form design, and the Formalize, Uniform, Niceforms, and Wijmo plugins you can use to ease the pain. He also quickly covers a few options for additional form controls such sliders, uploaders, slider-style checkboxes and jQuery UI buttons.

Find the jQuery Bug #1: Chicken or the Egg [http://www.elijahmanor.com/2011/08/find-jquery-bug-1-chicken-or-egg.html] In the first of a new series, Elijah Manor looks at a typical case of treating asynchronous code as synchronous and the side effects it can have

HTML 5 Updates for .NET 4 [http://blogs.msdn.com/b/scothu/archive/2011/08/10/html-5-updates-for-net-4.aspx] Scott Hunter highlights two updates for the .NET Framework v4 which improve ASP.NET support for HTML5, including one released this week as part of patch Tuesday

To Hear Creating the HTML5tx.com design with Drifting Creatives Gavin Braman and Martin Hooper [http://developersmackdown.com/Archives/Show/56] DeveloperSmackdown announces show #56 and discusses the design and build of html5tx.com with its creators.

Design Festival Podcast #14: CSS3 Gradients or SVG Backgrounds [http://designfestival.com/design-festival-podcast-14-css3-gradients-or-svg-backgrounds/] Simon Pascal Klein chats to Alex Walker of Sitepoint to talk about the pros and cons of CSS3 gradients versus SVG backgrounds To Try MooTools Wall Plugin [http://davidwalsh.name/mootools-wall]  jQuery Chosen Plugin [http://davidwalsh.name/jquery-chosen]  Drag and Drop MooTools File Uploads [http://davidwalsh.name/mootools-upload] David Walsh has been busy demonstrating with code and live pages three new plugins, two for MooTools and one for jQuery.

Opera Dragonfly 1.1 release candidate 1 [http://my.opera.com/dragonfly/blog/opera-dragonfly-1-1-release-candidate-1] David Storey announces RC1 for Opera Dragonfly v1.1, the built-in suite of developer tools that ships inside Opera. You can find it in the current experimental builds of Opera.

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