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The Client Side #006

Chris Alcock was kind enough to mention this blog on The Morning Brew [http://blog.cwa.me.uk] this morning, so I thought I’d share the love. If you’re working with Microsoft technologies and you don’t have his link blog on your aggregator, you’re seriously missing out.

Of Note * Intro to JavaScript and jQuery [http://www.meetup.com/Girl-Develop-It-Austin/events/27955911/] Girl Develop It Austin still have three places left on their Intro to Javascript and jQuery course for August 20/27.

To Read * HTML5 Feature Support Detection [http://compositecode.com/2011/08/05/html5-feature-support-detection/] - The Composite Code blog shares a nice post on feature detection for detecting browser support for HTML5 features, looking at common techniques to detect HTML5 input types, Canvas, and geolocation. * A Developer’s Introduction To HTML5 [http://www.developerfusion.com/article/123608/a-developers-introduction-to-html5/]   - Chris Mills looks briefly at the history of HTML5, why we should care about it and the various new features it brings. * The Most Important Parts of HTML5 [http://blog.n01se.net/?p=375] kanaka presents his ten most important features and consequences of HTML5 and why none of them are the

To Hear * ES6 Lives! [http://www.aminutewithbrendan.com/pages/20110805?] Brendan Eich’s latest podcast takes a first look at what may morph into ECMAScript v6

To Try * CoffeeScript 1.1.2 - The CoffeeScript team announce the release of CoffeeScript 1.1.2, a minor update with a lot of changes taking place under the hood, with improvements to the REPL environment, the use of Function.prototype.bind, along with a range of other fixes. (via Morning Brew) * Sprite3D.js, a javascript library for 3D positionning in WebKit [http://minimal.be/lab/Sprite3D/] Sprite3D uses CSS3 transforms to let you position Sprite objects in a 3D space on your page. It is independent of other js libraries and of the


Posted on August 8, 2011   #The Client Side  

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