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Splashing About

Today was water park day. Got a bit red, but thanks to SPF25 I won’t be hit with minor burns [/post/2001/02/28/Third-Degree-SunBurn.aspx] as happened in Sri Lanka. There’s nothing like larking about in water and the park is pretty much our own as well. Strangely, the lifeguards keep apologizing for the nice cool breeze blowing through the area like its spoiling our day or something. In the end, we walked up a five storey hill 16 times, bodysurfed in a wave pool, drifted round a river upside down and walked under a waterfall in pursuit of fun and general gung-ho-dom. Best day yet really.

I think we’re still lagged. Jane just managed to fall asleep during one of the largest and loudest firework displays I’ve seen or heard. Things were exploding next to our room for heaven’s sake. How does she do this?

Posted on April 8, 2005   #Nothing in Particular  

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