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Sixalot 39 : Battles

This week marks the anniversary of the battle of Waterloo so we’ve a bakers dozen of songs for the battlefield. Listen here [https://www.mixcloud.com/sixalot/sixalot-039-june-16-2014-battles/]

Wherever I Go, Darkness Follows by Roll The Dice The War Of 14-18 by Flanders & Swann The War Is On by Coldrain The Trooper by Iron Maiden Poor Napoleon (Live) by Elvis Costello & Bill Frisell Noble England by Rik Mayall Song Of Bangladesh by Joan Baez Refugee by Oi Va Voi Blood In My Eyes by Atari Teenage Riot Left To Die by Death un dernier combat by The Algorithm Surrender by The Chemical Brothers Tonto by Battles

Posted on April 29, 2018   #Sixalot  

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