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Set A Schedule, Watch For The Horse’s Head

Traffic heavier than usual on way in to work - several ricks using the now-paved sidewalks as alternate routes for 50yds as traffic lights back up the cars, bikes, ricks, lorries and buses on their way into town. Twice avoid being run down on the pavement.

First editorial meeting, first enforcing of a schedule. Groan. Zope people watch out. O’Reilly canned its Zope book today, leaving ours the only one to come. Will see if we can’t just get the two together huh? Maybe GFDL it too.

Learn of darker underworld in India. Nina and Sonny’s headmaster has been ousted from his position by owner of all the other local schools, and is now being run out of the country, having been first locked out of his apartment, then followed by private detectives and now being (falsely) accused of a hit and run incident. Apparently his lawyer said, “Yep. That’s about right.” Just charming.

Posted on January 11, 2001   #India  

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