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Rickshaws, Rain and Registration

John’s new play toy up the spout. Leaking petrol. Oops

Spend five hours walking the fifteen minute stretch between the copshop and the nearest Xerox machine, because they can’t just be simple and tell me exactly what they need duplicates of all in one go. At least it’s a nice day. Met couple from Australia just starting the registration process. Apparently here for a six month course of acupressure. They’re ill and coming to India? Five or six trips through copshop registration and they’ll be feeling oh so fine….

Large queue in MG Road. Turns out Mission Impossible 2 [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120755/] opened today. Billboard poster is hand painted. Good likeness, but something’s wrong. Was Ving Rhames that prominent in the original?

Take rickshaw home. There are 60000 of these things on the streets of Bangalore with a turning circle of nothing. Basically, they’re a trike with a lawnmower engine strapped on and a canvas roof. Possibly the least safe thing on the road with a habit of conking out and being pushed along by other ricks that are passing by. Finally it rains, and how. Sheet rain that you can cut and a huge lightning storm to boot. Not the nicest evening then. Oh, and the rain cleans the sewers out a bit. ‘Charming’ smell in the aftermath

Posted on September 29, 2000   #India  

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