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Had many cocktails. Didn’t realise Long Island Iced Teas had so many spirits in them. Danced to very tacky music. Woke up. Groaned. Slept again. Woke - no hangover.

Several bombshells in the same day - how much stuff can happen to the same guy? Will be working on books and BangLinux conference as well as magazine which takes a small backseat for time being. UK office also in reshuffle mode but in a sensible way. Learnt that three relativeshave died in the last two weeks along with my cousin’s cat who was put down having been suffering from feline AIDS. Lastly, shocking email from house mate saying she wants to leave the house.

Decide only course of action is to look forward to weekend and go back to sleep. Brother announced that he is working on CGI version of Transformers:The Movie. Groovy.

Posted on September 14, 2000   #India  

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