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Proper Ben & Jerrys Required

Feeling much better at last. Great progress with IT.com. Chances are we might have a stand there consisting of more than two chairs, a table covered in books and a credit card machine for the first time ever that I can remember. Also got a long way designing the network and determining the software base for the office as well. Discover Dell has Indian head office about ten minutes rickshaw ride away.

Ordered in Pizza. Oh, the joys of bland food.

Ill, nauseous or no, am starting to loathe ice cream milkshakes. Office block doesn’t have a cafe - it has an ice cream parlour. Which doesn’t sell anything to drink other than ice cream milkshakes or bottles of water. It’s also the only quiet place to meet with people as the office is still a warzone. We must be the first ‘locals’ that parlour has. As a side note, TGI Fridays, though now open for business, has decided not to open at lunchtimes. But why??

Posted on October 13, 2000   #India  

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