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Oh Yeah. It’s Winter In The UK, Isn’t It?

Bombay domestic terminal a lot easier to manage than the international —hawkers will go away if you tell them to. Inter-terminal bus does manage to stop at the exact opposite end of the terminal building to where I want to be however.

Discover laptop a great way to attract other English people around you to chat with for the three hours you’re sitting around. Just play film trailers and people will crane necks to see what you are playing. ;-)

Paris cold. Am trailed by guy on first plane trip wanting to know how to get to Leicester. Umm. Ahh. Err. Birmingham also cold, damp, wet, gray, they’ve changed the style of the ten pound note, there’s no heat in the house to which I only just remembered the alarm code in time to switch it off, I’ve developed a cold already, the washing up needs to be done, bed needs to be made, and most importantly, I need to buy some wrapping paper for the stuff I brought back.

Posted on December 20, 2000   #India  

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