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Oh For Font’s Sake

Woke to news that ‘Mr. Charisma’ has conceeded the presidential race to the redneck, twenty crocodiles have died on a farm in Kerala, and that local popstar Rishi Prasad (who?) considers his main rivals to be Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Typical day so far then.

Emids finish banglinux.com and start on its sister site for the Mumjava conference. Of course it’s not actually up yet because the UK still hasn’t sorted out the server. Three hours later Vijay remembers the site and tells Emids they haven’t finished yet. Emids not happy. Phone me. I phone Vijay. Vijay not happy. Now I not happy either. Over the sake of a **!$$! font. Eventually resolve situation with much bitter taste in mouth. It’s up to the UK now. As head cook, the broth is now with the servers.

Posted on December 14, 2000   #India  

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