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New Job

It’s been a while since I had a full-time job but this one seemed interesting enough to put the myriad freelance things in abeyance and concentrate on in full. As of this Thursday then, I will be taking control of the .NET code that runs the registry for the .coop top level domain [http://www.nic.coop/]. Who’d have thunk it was based just south of Birmingham? Aside form the scale of the it all, what makes it compelling is that the job should touch on areas of .NET - yes, all the code is in C# - which I’ve never worked with before. I see System.Net, Enterprise Services and yet more web services ahead. Think I’ll need to brush the dust off my TCP/IP books too. Anyone else work with ICANN, TLDs and .NET out there?

Posted on January 29, 2005   #Geek Stuff     #Megaphone  

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