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mTLD to enforce web standards in .mobi

Hmm. Now the Co-op movement defines itself as being open and giving back to the community. There’s no sequitor which would lead us to enforce web standards development only, nor would we, but it’s a brave move by mTLD. I wonder how they are expecting to enforce this code of conduct?

mTLD will force anyone wishing to register in .mobi will require its customers to stick to rules on how their users’ Web sites are developed. Assuming this can/will be policed are there any disadvantages to the approach? Could it be enforced in other TLDs? That is the real question: How and what effect would be done? And how sterile would an environment like that be? [Via Builder.com [http://uk.builder.com/webdevelopment/design/0,39026630,39280277,00.htm]]

Posted on October 31, 2005   #Geek Stuff  

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