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Mind the Bat

Can’t keep film stars out of Indian papers. With Rajkumar safe but bitten by lots of insects, the rest of Bollywood is appearing in the papers. One such is Hrithik Roshan who got rushed by 2000 fans while filming in Pune yesterday. Imagine the UK tabloids would have headline “Everyone’s at Hrithik” (say it fast) plastered on page 3.

First computers showed up from IBM this morning without CD drives or monitors - so that’s useful. The drives turn up later but with no cables or screws to fix them into the casing. Occupy myself with investigations into custard apples instead - a well-named, great-flavoured fruit.

Got onto the roof of Carlton Towers after dark. Bangalore looks amazing by night as do the aerial shows the local bats are putting on wheeling about catching insects in and around the spotlights illuminating the building.

Posted on November 21, 2000   #India  

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