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Microsoft PDC09 and ASP.NET 4.0

PDC09 is over and now the real work begins as we all take up ASP.NET 4.0, try and do what we saw in the sessions and cry when it doesn’t build. They try again… For those of us who didn’t get to Los Angeles but want at least some of that experience, all the session videos for PDC are now available. Tim Heuer [http://timheuer.com/blog/] has made a great list and feed for all the Silverlight 4 videos [http://timheuer.com/blog/archive/2009/11/22/pdc-silverlight-resources-link-dump-learn-silverlight.aspx] . Here’s what we got for ASP.NET 4.0 with some choice data-related sessions added too.

And don’t forget to browse through the Day 2 Keynote [http://microsoftpdc.com/Sessions/KEY02] stuff presented by Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman either. Of interest elsewhere, the “M” data team have found a home in SQL Server and data realms and can do interesting stuff with it now. Additionally an interesting Live Labs session trying to find new ways to present and explore information on the web.

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