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MbUnit.Framework v2 Docs October CTP

Well, it’s been a while and as Jeff [http://blog.bits-in-motion.com/] leads Gallio into the autumn sunshine, it’s time to push out a little something for those still using MbUnit v2. You may recall, back in August last year, we launched docs.mbunit.com [/post/2007/08/13/docsmbunitcom-stage-3-complete.aspx]. Regrettably, it’s been quite static since then but now the monster is complete [/post/2008/09/01/programming-asp.net-3.5-is-slated-for-pdc.aspx] there’s some progress.

Here then is a first draft of complete documentation for all the assert classes, attributes, helper and exception classes in the MbUnit.Framework namespace only as found in MbUnit v2.4. Call it the October 2008 CTP if you will.

You can download it from this site [/file.axd?file=MbUnitDocsOct08.zip] until I find somewhere stable to put it. Feel free to let me know what you think of the style, what other MbUnit namespaces you’d like documented in full either here or via the MbUnit-User group.

Posted on October 14, 2008   #MbUnit Documentation  

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