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Mad Men and Dead Men

Bangalore traffic around MG Road is forced to actually slow down this afternoon and slowly work its way around two temporary obstacles. Just past Brigade Rd there’s a a guy totally nude walking with the cars in the middle of the road. He looks either off or out of his face or possibly both. In fact wouldn’t it be mandatory for this kind of behaviour at four in the afternoon?

Slightly further down the road is a Bangalore funeral cortege, (not that anyone cares as the blaring of horns clearly indicates) a strange mix of New Orleans Dixie land celebration of recently passed life with the more British hearse-moving-at-5mph-holding-up-traffic kind of funeral. Essentially it’s a local bus painted black presumably with the coffin and relatives inside and professional mourners waving tambourines around in front of the vehicle. Or it could be a branch davidian sect of the Salvation Army. All is not quite clear.

After five weeks of monotonous sun and clear skies, a cloud has appeared in the sky. Super - may soon be able to have a conversation about the weather.

Posted on November 19, 2000   #India  

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