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In Calcutta

Awake at five, remain knackered and spaced for rest of day while house becomes thoroughfare for everyone collecting and dropping off. Fridge now in dreadful state thanks to neglecting veg? in the bottom try for about a month. Even the lizards have stayed away. Vaguely aware of flying to Calcutta for last break before I leave back to Blighty. More aware that every local has poster paint in at least one colour splashed on their face and torso. Another festival—because it’s the second Saturday of a month within a ‘r’ in it presumably. This one is just known as the festival of colour.

Calcutta is a surprise—it’s quite cool. Instinctively reach for passport, remember I didn’t bring it ’cos I haven’t left the country, and groan because I need it to cash travellers cheques. I want a ticket for tomorrows test match India vs Australia but don’t have that much on me. Taxi gets hit from behind on the way in. Fortunately, hotel is not far away and has complimentary first day tickets for the match, so all is well even if the air conditioning system seems to have a loud speaker attached.

Posted on March 10, 2001   #India  

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