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Going Full Circle

Up early for the full circle tour of O’ahu with our tour guide, Uncle Les, a full-blood Hawaiian who really misses all the sugar cane and pineapple fields, and probably the old way of life here too. But with so many great stories and his love of the island it’s a cracking day. From the lookout points on the mountain ranges to the surf spots and waterfalls on the north shore, via the old style plantations and military bases in the centre to the many film locations around the island and lunch at the oldest pub on the upper east side, this was great.

We tried fresh (i.e. picked that day) pineapple which was good, and Onion Garlic macadamia nuts which weren’t. We had lunch with an ex-marine from the West Indies that was in the first Gulf War, and decided that in hindsight, we should have eloped, and got married in Waimea Bay. There was even a moment of zen at the Byodo-in temple, the largest Buddhist temple outside Japan. Such a shame we won’t have time to see the other islands.

Posted on April 11, 2005   #Nothing in Particular  

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