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God’s Marbles

Another Sunday, another expedition. This time no trains and no watermelon. Choose Antharaganga Hill, 70km outside Bangalore. Half way up this mountain is a hindu temple with a shrine surrounded by a pool where people believe you can wash your sins away literally. Only person in a pool is a twelve year crying his eyes out because he jumped in the pool without knowing it was only a foot deep.

Large number of monkeys on the hill too. All of them seem to know exactly how to pose for the camera and then walk off just when you’re ready. Managed to target monkey with little newborn clinging to its chest. Success!

Top of the hill range is essentially a plateau of packed dirt and house-sized boulders. If these things have been slowly eroding up here for hundreds of years, I don’t want to know how big they were to begin with. The rest of the plateau is covered in newly sown paddy fields, a couple of natural wells and a four cars wide road still being built to connect six houses and the fields to the rest of civilization. You’d figure that of all the roads they’d choose to fix, it would be the ones in town and not one on top of a mountain.

Forced to pose with locals also up the hill - so now we’re a tourist attraction as well.

Posted on October 15, 2000   #India  

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