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Fish, friends and frenzilessness

Walked along the beach into Waikiki proper en route to the aquarium. Could spend the entire holiday without leaving the confines of the hotel, but hey… Met a few key people here in Hawaii – well, their statues – including Duke Kahanamoku, who was one of the first Hawaiians to take surfing to the west coast of the states. Aquarium very keyed towards the discussion of coral reefs and their preservation – bit of a switch from the North Sea banks. Prettier fish and a diver in the shark tank too.

Everyone is so friendly here. But hey, what have they got to moan about? They had a very slight rain shower here yesterday evening and apologized for the worst weather in ages this morning. We apologised too – for bringing it with us. The most aggravated person we’ve seen here so far has been a crazy Amex tour lady who couldn’t identify a tune a friend asked her about over the phone.

Posted on April 6, 2005   #Nothing in Particular  

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