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Exclusion and Censorship

Everyone is locked out again. Including me. And the guy who comes for an interview, which ends up down at the ice cream parlour. Reminiscent of October.

Weird ‘feature’ of Netscape 6 install. Ask to download it in UK English, and get it for Windows. Ask for US English, and get it in Windows, Mac or Linux. NN6 is ok in color, but not as good as in colour.

India TV has finally noticed Xmas - Die Hard is on. Really stupid cuts though. All nudity is cut (but Fashion TV [http://www.ftv.com] is never censored - go figure) as are any instances of the word f. So Bruce Willis is loud and clear calling bad guys jerkweed or shithead but can’t say the trademark “Yippikai-ay motherfer” at the end of the film. Love those double standards…

Posted on December 5, 2000   #India  

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