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Everyone Is Losing It

Get up, put lights on. Power cut. Power back on again - switch on tv. All channels degrade to unwatchable and then all conk out. Decide not test out the shower. Will probably have to retune tv as well.

New slogan of many for conf ’Most revolutions are about bloodshed. This one‘s about software.’ Should get people’s attention if nothing else.

In continuing theme of day, Dilip conks out at about 2pm and goes to the doctor, Safi is knocked off his bike, Patrick locks himself out of the van and then can’t switch off the van alarm when he does manage to get back in, Napster loses a major round in its continuing court case, Deepa’s new computer breaks down and the Royal Mail would seem to have misdirected our last package of goodies from the UK, clearly marked ‘WroxIndia, Bangalore, India’ to ‘Bangkok, Thailand’.

Only triumph all day is finally make it into Vertical Limit [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0190865/] after four days of trying. of course, the projectionist decided to ruin it by inserting the intermission right at the most tense point of the movie. Guess his heart couldn’t take all the melodrama or that his favorite Star Trek:DS9 actor just got blown up.

Posted on February 20, 2001   #India  

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