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Deciphering The Bangalore Streets

Email and stuff up and running, so it’s time for first day out and about with John. And he’s done this for five weeks already? Sheesh. Food mistake number 25 today. Went shopping in Foodworld - only Indian supermarket chain but basic equivalent of KwikSave (sigh). Still, you can browse and that’s good. Found large luminous pink pot of stuff. Instructions - add boiling water. Aha! Pot pasta or pot noodle. Can’t actually tell from description ‘Aloo Bhajia’. Ask Patrick and, lo and behold, I’ve just bought a bright pink packet of Smash. And I’m not even a fan of mashed potato.

First appointment at SK International in Koramangala about some computers. Learn first thing about finding places in Bangalore by address only. Some areas, like Domlur, use street names. Others, meanwhile, like Koramangala, have addresses like SKI - Block 5, Cross 4, Number 11. Now what may be the problem about that? Block are divided by main streets in one direction perpendicular to cross streets, in the same method as New York say. Except that the crosses and mains are not numbered consecutively. Patrick comes from Koramangala - neither he nor guy two streets from SKI knew where Cross 4 was. Found it by looking for largest pile of rubbish on corner of street and trying that one. Unsurprisingly, sod’s law worked.

Also met realtors of the new office. Office the most plush thing seen so far - so that’s where the money is in India, real estate. More large meals. Dal fry (lentils), Shanthi house special and Paneer Tikka and Lassi. Not the dog, the yoghurt drink.

Posted on September 26, 2000   #India  

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