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Course When I Was In The Army…

Sriraman off out of town today to do a quick sales jobby about 50km away. Am worried about the effects of roadside rasam might have on him.

Wish we could reword the poster that asks for authors, reviewers and speakers to ‘programmers who would like to write, review or present.’ Got cornered by retired army commander who has been working for IEEE on and off for thirty years or so and really wanted to go on the lecture circuit to ‘give back a little bit to the community’, expressing his concerns over the speed with which technology has developed and the excess of information that everyone has access to over the internet. His solution sounded like a breach of the fifth amendment and a cross between big brother and a communist attitude and I couldn’t get rid of him for half an hour.

Try for early night with result of writing cover pages for wroxindia.com until about 2am. And they’re still not up yet. Banglinux.com also on hold as UK dragging heels about the Apache server there.

Posted on November 3, 2000   #India  

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