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Contracts Have Arrived

Am writing this aware that a fly has not learnt how to swim fast enough to avoid drowning in my cup of coffee. Sigh.

Contracts arrived today in the post, and then they also arrived by courier. MSP is perhaps a little over efficient in some areas? In one package I received a standard “Who are you?“ form and in the other MS’s standard NDA. Seeing as I’ve signed that NDA, should the rest of this log read …………..?

Deadlines are split in five week periods, so first is less than our weeks away thanks to our prevarication, waiting for the contracts to arrive. With scream of frustration, turned to the laptop and promptly decided to spring clean the kitchen.

Yours truly has got the ’Here are the facts’ chapter - a great one to start with because it means you have to have the facts organised yourself - and in plain English as well. A good foundation for the rest of the book. If you ever write a chapter like this, make sure the first or second draft goes through the mother test. Send it to your mum or techno-illiterate friend and see how far they get through the chapter before they lose the plot. If you’ve written it right, the response (probably not in a SOAP envelope) should be ’the end’.

Web service site of the day - CapeScience Web Service Developer Network [http://capescience.capeclear.com] and in particular, their Piranha MP3 service that allows you to query the amazon database for information about your MP3 files.

Posted on October 10, 2002   #.NET Web Services     #Writing  

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