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Christmas Starts Here

Term is over and so is my course for the year. Part one of the MIDI assignment is over. The tale of Rommel and his desert rats in two minutes of synthesized aural garbage is more likely to baffle the examiner than get me a distinction, but then again I’ve never really been into drum and bass. Part two has me remixing the theme tune to the Peanuts cartoon but I can’t find samples of Charlie Brown’s arrrrrghhh as he flies through the air having missed the football or Lucy shouting ’You Blockhead’. Need to sample my DVDs at Xmas therefore.

Xmas spirit here and so is the season for giving smaller presents than usual thanks to the advance from MS. Register.com [http://www.register.com] tried to renew an old domain name I didn’t want for $90, my Christmas shopping is done, and I’ve been invited to a friends on Xmas afternoon handily located in the centre of, and I quote, ‘the one way system from the seventh level of hell.’ Should be interesting. Wonder if I’ll pass hell’s server room [http://www.theregister.co.uk/2002/10/18/the_worlds_most_dangerous_server/] on the way.

Posted on December 18, 2002   #Music  

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