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Chilled out in the Warmth

Little bit more sunburn then expected today. Enough to get us to postpone our spa session back to Tuesday. Spent the morning at Borders instead with a cool drink on their shady veranda. Still managed to get served the wrong food again though. Do US stores hear the word ‘medium’ and misinterpret it as ‘large’ by default? The lady at the food counter yesterday looked almost offended when we didn’t order a meal each and decided to share one between the two of us. Should I shout ‘I don’t want to be as fat as you’?

Sunniest day so far, but Jane got knocked for six by the heat. Took a siesta and went for an Italian. Walking through Waikiki is much nicer. Lots of gay lights and same temperature but no sun which is good for those of us with sunburn. Jane is very groovy and sexy this evening.

Posted on April 9, 2005   #Nothing in Particular  

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