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Had to stay indoors today because of the bundh. Basically this is a state-wide (i.e. not just B’lore) protest to the fact that Dr. Rajkumar, an actor from these parts, is still in captivity in Tamil Nadu under the watch of notorious bandit, Veerappen. This wouldn’t happen in the west, but in Karnataka, Rajkumar is a minor deity and both his sons have been rabble rousing for his release before Dasara, a festival which starts tomorrow. Everything stops - there is no traffic, no shops are open and only Karnatic people should walk outside. Previous bundhs - this is the fourth - saw lots of stones being thrown through Tamil shopkeepers windows and general violence. Thankfully, that didn’t happen this time but Rajkumar ain’t out of the woods (literally) just yet. Will expect another bundh after Dasara.

Cockroaches taking the bait. Would appear that all roaches here have a knee jerk reaction to death. They all suddenly believe they are doing the backstroke and must wave legs in the air before they breathe their last. Very spooky.

Posted on September 28, 2000   #India  

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