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Best Albums of 2015 : #8

Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica 1 : The Time Machine Some eight years since the unwise release of Teo & Tea and fifteen since his last official album before that, one of the pioneers of electronic music is back with the first half of a double album of collaborations that look back and celebrate electronic music from its origins in the 60s to today’s evolution of subgenres and key players. The Time Machine moniker is very apt. Jarre’s trademark Fairlight and Moog synths from the 80s are present alongside iPads, Ableton Live, Theremin, Laser Harp and back to oscillators from the early days and his collaborators also span the decades from Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter through to Boys Noize and Gesaffelstein. With every track you can hear the interactions between Jarre and his collaborators which is great so it’s not a surprise therefore that a couple of tracks are less successful than the rest. However it’s a very solid return and we’ve only to wait until April 2016 for part 2.

Honestly, you wait years for a new album to come along and then two arrive at the same time. And I thought it was just busses….

Posted on May 1, 2018   #Music  

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