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Best Albums of 2015 : #7

John Lemke - Nomad Frequencies Few albums really tell a story these days. The age of the MP3 has almost drowned out the album in favour of the single track. Perhaps the vinyl renaissance will encourage bands to think on the larger scale in the future? For now, we have a wealth of soundtracks and those with a reverence to prog to rely on for a bigger fix. John Lemke is a soundtrack composer by trade but Nomad Frequencies is his second full length solo release. Taking its cues from both his world travel and his day job, NF is a night time adventure through different cultures. It’s exciting, full of anticipation, uptempo, downbeat, and most importantly to me at least, a complete story in one album. Its one to put on, close your eyes and breathe in.

Posted on May 1, 2018   #Music  

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