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Best Albums of 2013 : #3

M83 : Oblivion OST Joe Trapanese seems to be the guy the go-to guy if you’re a director looking for a score arranger to work with your popular musical act to produce the soundtrack for your film. He’s done Tron Legacy with Daft Punk, The Raid with Mike Shinoda, and now the score for Oblivion with Anthony Gonzalez or M83 as some people will know him. And they are all top draw. For Oblivion we get a full orchestral score filled with searching and discovery as the main protagonist seeks to discover what he is dreaming peppered with stabs of menace and peril as required. The film itself is unusual in its purely sci-fi ambition and themes and the soundtrack is a joy in its interpretation of the film at a meta level as well as an immediate one. Like Blade Runner, this is made for listening all the way through in a sitting.

Posted on April 30, 2018   #Music  

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