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Bernadette’s Crucible Days 5 And 6

Saturday Actually Day 6 as was, but one of the cast members had a family emergency so it was cancelled. Today is the first weekend we’re working Saturday and Sunday and thus the first day in front of the cameras for our male lead David who plays a Seth-like (no explanations given) character called Jimmy. David is based in London so he’s only around during our ‘double-headers’. Like everyone else on Day 1, he gets lost finding the location. We’re due a spout of gales and rain this weekend so there’s a wet schedule and a dry schedule. A short shower (rather than a long deluge?) prompts the ‘dry’ schedule into action and montage footage is shot while ‘stunt chicken dinners’ and more gaffer tape are being retrieved from the shops.

All this weekend’s scenes bar one are being shot ‘day for night’ which means that even though we’re using daylight for the most part to see the shots, we’ve actually fooled the camera into recording everything as twilight by telling it that yellow is actually white. Sounds odd but true. We’ve actually bin-linered most of the windows to remove as much light as we need to as well but it’s a great effect and looks really nice.

It’s too cold for today’s main scene to be outside as originally planned so it’s rewritten inside a potting shed where a heater can be switched on between takes as required. Of course, there’s only so much space in a potting shed and the lighting guy is forced to spend three hours outside doing a jig to keep warm while making sure that the moon, or rather the spotlight shining through the shed window doesn’t fall over or move in the wind. The lamp itself is quite a nice heater though. Melts skin if you get that bit too close though.

With the main shot done by six o’clock, there’s a fish and chip supper to be had before David  Jimmy has a bath. Of course, we’re filming that too so not quite the relaxing time for reflection that it might otherwise be.

Sunday Today’s pep talk is about trying to increase the speed of setting up shots. In general, we’re not doing too badly. Most of the day is in the kitchen where our stunt chicken dinners bought yesterday are being shot in various stages of preparation and devourment. Hopefully the cast like them - they smell far too tasty behind camera. Day for night again and its only when the bin liners are taken down at the end of the day we realise that the gale force winds and rain forecast yesterday have been attacking our location throughout the ‘night’ as we’ve been shooting.

Background noise remains a problem. We are only two miles from a motorway which is clear to hear with the wind in the right direction. Trains are usually the main problem though with a branch line just over the road. Today they were cancelled thanks to the weather but sometimes we need a trainspotter as much as King Kong needs a planespotter [http://www.kongisking.net/perl/newsview/15/1095620995].

We are now 20% of the way through filming.

Posted on October 5, 2004   #Making Films  

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