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Bernadette’s Crucible Day 3

The beauty of no budget film making is that there can by definition be no great amount of studio time, so we’re always on location at a real place. Today we’re in a local theatre café. Schedule has us doing several shots looking from outside in. Indian summer means this is possible, although the brightness of the sun may pose problems due to it creating our reflections in the glass. Ironically, if it’s overcast, we can shoot bits of a 3 minute scene from 9am to 7pm. If it’s not, we have to hope the light levels don’t change so much between takes.

12 noon. First shot set up and ready to go. Café has inner alcove so ‘outside’ shots have been made simpler. Newcomer actor to set Anastacia (sp?) brings a broad US drawl a la Roseanne Barr with her and a new sense of humour to us all. Which should be fun. Introduce self as Lord of Shadows and proceed to use three of the crew as areas of darkness to block out some of the exterior light to prove this.

2pm. All going smoothly. Largest worry so far has been whether or not we can find a knife to make sandwiches. Those apparent are props and may not be used for the trivial task of making the crew some lunch.

4pm. Anastacia’s character likes her wine. Which means that she is drinking a lot of grape juice. Which is fine – it looks like wine – for the first couple of hours. Unforeseen side effect however is that our lovely lady now has a case of the burps. Take begins, she’s worried about burping rather than acting. Some things you just can’t account for.

5pm. Last shot of day. Other crew newcomer Stuart – he of the Eric Bana circa Black Hawk Down looks and the more husky Graham Norton voice – has been put into service in front of the camera as spliff smoking student. Random blatherings about lack of student housing and Revenge of the Sith are recorded as he eats numerous ham sandwiches leftover from lunch.

Epitaph. Not all done as required here. We shall be returning to the café at a later date. Final male role still not cast. The part is scheduled to start shooting next week. Ooo lummy.

Posted on September 13, 2004   #Making Films  

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