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Banglinux vs Immigration

Not much else to do now apart from wait. The US passport system flummoxes me. In order to get an Indian visa, one of our speakers has to fly 500 miles out of his way to Indianapolis to pick it up, yet he already lives in a big city. He can’t get it there? Anyway, two US-based guys have sent regrets as a result of no visa, so damn fine planning is going up in smoke. The European guys have already started flying here without their internal flight tickets from Bombay to Bangalore. The phrase ‘pray the message gets there’ echoes loud in my head as we phone Mumbai airport to tell them where to get them.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai team have arrived in Bangalore after the conference equivalent of a washout. MumJava then - denser than a lead balloon and just as buoyant in the Bay of Bengal.

Posted on March 3, 2001   #India  

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