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BangLinux Last Day

Shit - should have read email. Turns out missing speaker yesterday emailed me to say he was stuck in Mumbai. Also turns out Linux group and two of the other speakers could have covered it, but who knew? As sod’s law dictates, the one person whose sole purpose in life was to attend that lecture has found me and complains vociferously for half an hour.

Big audience around for futures day. Damien Conway on Perl 6, Michael Meeks on Ximian Gnome 2, Zope stuff, dope stuff and all the funky levels in between. I get a standing ovation for rebooting a Windows computer back into Linux on the main stage and the sessions end with a demo from the Indian Ministry of Defence of OpenGL running full blown aircraft flight simulators. Demo involves five people, ten extra boxes and a full replica joystick from a Lightning fighter jet. Lots of wows from the audience up until the point where the power cuts out for five minutes.

Farewell photos and standup routines for helpers, staff (us) and speakers follow. Those speakers not already gone fly off after last meal at the Gateway hotel, one of those colonial places kept open for formal occasions and a good beer or two. And so it’s all done.

Posted on March 7, 2001   #India  

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