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BangLinux Day 1

6am start to go grab speaker shirts at hotel which of course don’t show until 7.30. But everyone is where they should be which is a minor miracle. Scratch that. Neither Red Hat nor Compaq have actually built their stands yet. Neither have the power nor equipment to do it. As they are the platinum sponsors, you wonder how everyone else has managed it very well, thank you.

Indian IT minister comes to light ceremonial lamps with John and a full hall and several TV stations cover proceedings. Suddenly regret organiser shirt as its easier for the press to spot, wanting to be introduced to important (sic) people. Get grabbed by CNN for fifteen minutes while I should be chasing speakers to start their sessions, missing two who come and go without me ever seeing them. One of the guys from CDC Linux has stepped into the US void for a device drivers talk. Of course, he doesn’t really know how to judge how he’s doing so he’s only half way through by the time it should be finishing. Of course, it’s a full house, so what do you do?

Sun continues to shine and no one loses their head. A few egos from the local Linux group are bruised but no permanent casualties. Yesterday’s tame cabby shows up looking for a fare which he gets en route to first speaker meal at Tycoons. Grace casually informs me outside that Rekha has a big crush on me. And I’m expected to do what exactly? Best course of action - absolutely nothing.

Posted on March 5, 2001   #India  

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