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Albums of Note

Year Artist Album
1968 Jeff Beck Truth
1969 Frank Zappa Hot Rats
1973 Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
1976 AC\DC High Voltage
1978 Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians
1982 Vangelis Blade Runner
1986 Robin Williams Live at the Met
1992 Izzy Stradlin Izzy Stradlin and the juju hounds
1994 Eddie Izzard Definite Article
1995 Down NOLA
1996 Bruce Dickinson Skunkworks
2001 Converge Jane Doe
2013 Steven Price Gravity OST
2014 Animals As Leaders The Joy of Motion
2014 Black Crown Initiate The Wreckage of Stars
2015 Deafheaven New Bermuda
2019 Jimi Hendrix Songs for Groovy Children