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After The Wedding

And so the big day has been and gone. The reception room is already being cleared away by the time we make it down for breakfast. Those few who have braved the restaurant offer their repeated well-dones and pre-emptive goodbyes in advance of checkout. The sun is up and is a fact most welcome after the darkness and the Somme-like chaos of our room has been cleared away. A leisurely four hour drive blows out the cobwebs and makes room for caffeine. Today will be the first day I wish that my sunglasses hadn’t been nicked last week.

A couple of hours home and then back out to Heathrow in readiness for the long flight tomorrow. Our spacious four poster room is now a matchbox with bad air con. This is why no-one spends their wedding night at a hotel airport I guess.

Posted on April 3, 2005   #Nothing in Particular  

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