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A Tourist Again

Find some flat pepsi in the fridge, which I drink and instantly regret. Walk into town and realize as I walk past a cafe that the last time I ate something substantial was four days ago. Back to cafe for veg noodles. Can’t quite understand why ‘singapore’ cuisine is so popular here. Perhaps it’s just easy to prepare.

Discover with regret that my status on MG and Brigade roads has been reset back to tourist from resident alien not worth pestering. Am beset again with miniature chess sets, backgammon boards, watches and monosyllabic utterances which stand for ‘Spare any change, sir?’

Guys at the Shanthi recognize me as I come in for some food and engage in some small talk while I’m waiting. Discover we’re not good at that, try C and Pascal, then give up. Food excellent as always.

Posted on January 7, 2001   #India  

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