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A Strange Phone Conversation

Just had a really odd phone call. The mobile rings. “Hello”. Someone says something. After two minutes of neither of us understanding each other (reception in my area is naff), it became apparent he was saying “Y’alright blood?” Either one of my friends has graduated in the school of street slang or this is a wrong number. I tell other person this. Other person tells me not to text his girlfriend. Eh! I ask who his girlfriend is. He evades the question. He hasn’t got a wrong number - I texted her about my engagement. Are we cool, and I won’t do it again? Sure. Phone call ends. Mobile shows caller withheld number, so how do I know what number not to text? Am now stuck with dilemma. Do I text people again saying is this a wrong number and get more confused hostile calls from ‘blood’, or do I hope that the one wrong number I’ve figured out recently is the one that caused the problem? And why do I feel threatened by someone calling me ‘blood’?

Posted on February 23, 2004   #Nothing in Particular  

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