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A Resident Alien Meets The Super

I am now a registered resident alien! Have to make do with certificate though as no antenna spare or translation of “Take me to your leaders” in Hindi spare at the time.

To celebrate my new status, the phones have given up on me. Seems the junction-cum-exchange box in the basement hasn’t really agreed with the inclement weather of late. Of course no phones at all in office yet. Have solved problem of no-one turning up in the morning though. Seems workers have decided to work from 7am until midnight and then sleep there for the remaining time.

Got first bill today for the flat. ‘Light bill’ as they call it. Met head of residents’ association - another ex-army bloke - who was appalled at how much leccy I had used. Then proceeded to show me his medals for long service and gallantry and his plans for Pakistan. Was happily rescued from perpetual monologue by phone ringing and a quick exit.

The locals still delight in asking me what country I’m from. No peace and quiet in the park this afternoon from perpetual repetition of same question. Maybe I should hang a sign above my head as a pre-emptive measure?

Posted on October 4, 2000   #India  

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