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A Hopefully Brief Hiatus

It is unfortunate how life sometimes overtakes you and no matter how you prioritize the things in your life, you must sacrifice. Such is the case now, when I realise now that I must leave Co-operative Web [http://www.web.coop] and became a full-time dad to look after my family.

When our daughter was born, it was an occasion for great happiness. She is, and I hope will remain, a source of great joy, but she is also not a well bunny. Unfortunately, as a result of her illness, her mum has now also become ill and needs to get back to work to recuperate mentally. Which leaves me needing to look after our baby girl until such time as she is well enough to attend nursery. Which means I am now a full time dad. Hopefully I will not miss work as much as the other half currently does.


For a while then, I’ll be putting content on a new site which I’ll link to when it’s up and ready. Hopefully I’ll have the time to update it regularly.

If you’re based in Birmingham, UK and are looking for a .NET developers job, I heartily recommend working for Co-operative Web. They run a very positive shop with challenging tasks and supportive team members. The arcade machine and table football table help as well. Their jobs page is here [http://www.web.coop/about/jobs].

Posted on October 29, 2010   #Megaphone  

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